MEDitSimple is changing healthcare
Connecting doctors and patients
Our mission
MEDitSIMPLE is creating the first common remote space for doctors and patients in Europe.
For patients
Find a private health professional in London
We’ve listed health professionals from all specialities in order for patients to sort them by location, condition, treatment sought, language spoken, gender and more..

MEDitSimple is the only website to rigorously select their health professionals, by checking their academic credentials and reputation, actually reproducing the word of mouth selection process that happens in real life. To know more click here.
See your preferred doctors
On our platform, patients are able to find the next available appointment and book 24/7 with UK certified health professionals..

Soon, patients will also be able to chat or call their doctors on-line to get qualified answers to their health questions.
No more waiting
40% of A&E visits are not life-threatening emergencies. Patients want to be seen quickly and currently have no alternative to visiting A&E.

Thanks to our remote waiting room, we can now match doctors' same day available appointments with patients' requests for a same day appointment..
For health professionals
Improve your on-line presence
More than 80% of patients trust Google when they need to find a doctor.

Now, doctors can have their own web page, including their skills, special interests and practice locations presented in a clear and professional way without any programming expertise required.
Go on-line and free up some time
Doctors like to help their patients and answer many questions for free every year.

They will now be able to answer those questions on-line whenever possible and wherever they may be and even get paid for it should they choose to do so.
Reduce cancellations by 75%
On our platform, doctors can optimise their time and help more patients while increasing their income.

Doctors all have cancellations.They can now choose to match the newly available slot with a patient's request for an appointment.
For more features, go to billing & plans.