What to do to avoid allergies? Know what triggers them.

Act now to identify the triggers of your allergies

  • ImmunoCAP™ Specific IgE blood testing, is the gold standard specific IgE test.
  • Using your local pathology request process, request a specific IgE blood test (also known as RAST, ImmunoCAP test,
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How to Help a Loved One Through Addiction Treatment

Bethany Hatton created PreventAddiction.info after her oldest grandson became addicted to opioids.

As her grandson recovered from an overdose, the number of questions Bethany had about his illness swelled: how had his addiction developed? Could she and other family members Read More

Dr Fernanda Teixeira, dermatologist at the Hammersmith Hospital is now on MeditSimple

Dr Fernanda Teixeira started her medical career in Brazil, before studying at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School. She completed her PhD at the University of London Institute of Neurology (Queen Square) and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. She is … Read More

Dr Shyamsunder Kolvekar, cardio-thoracic surgeon at the Wellington Hospital is now on MeditSimple

Mr Shyam Kolveker is Senior Surgeon at the Barts  Heart Centre. He is experienced in beating heart surgery, mitral valve repair and surgery for atrial fibrillation. He is an experienced thoracic surgeon with special interest in video assisted surgery for … Read More

Eye care: How can an optometrist help you ?

An optometrist is here to examine your basic vision, and determine if your eyes are in good health. They can refer you to another specialist if they you have a specific disease of the eye but are usually able to Read More

Eye care: How can an orthoptist help you ?

An orthoptist is specialized in re-education, and is often the last chance when surgery and spectacles do not work. So it is essential for you to select the right specialist for you. That is why MEDitSIMPLE is here to guide … Read More