Itchy, Sneezy, Wheezy: Allergy season is upon us


Allergy season is most definitely upon us (unless, that is, you’re someone who suffers from them all year round). It’s about this time of year that I start to see a surge in people seeking help for their allergies, … Read More

How can you spot a melanoma ?

Melanoma has a variety of clinical presentations with different histological features.

This is important to recognise it:

  • The most common form is the superficial spreading melanoma (SSM) which in its early stages will be a flat lesion often originating from
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How to develop self compassion ?

Read in SuperBetter today, the book who teaches you the game which gives you 10 extra years of life by making you more emotionally, physically, mentally and socially resilient. Therefore, happier and stronger. Check out her TED talk, it’s Read More

When and why does a child have to visit the dentist?


I can be necessary to see the dentist if the permanent teeth are slow to appear (more than 2 years). But Ideally, the child need to see the dentist around 4 years old. But the sooner the child see … Read More

Eye care : How can an optician help you ?

Opticians are specialists who have a mission : to maintain, protect, and restaure our vision. It’s  necessary for you to choose the right optician and to know more about this specialist, because their role is really important for your eye’s Read More

Eye care: How can an optometrist help you ?

An optometrist is here to examine your basic vision, and determine if your eyes are in good health. They can refer you to another specialist if they you have a specific disease of the eye but are usually able to Read More

Eye care: How can an orthoptist help you ?

An orthoptist is specialized in re-education, and is often the last chance when surgery and spectacles do not work. So it is essential for you to select the right specialist for you. That is why MEDitSIMPLE is here to guide … Read More