MEDitSimple health professionals’ selection process. You are in safe hands!

You are safe in our hands!

MEDitSimple is the only website of its kind. Our team is working hard to build a virtual common space for health professionals and patients.

To make it work, we have listened to patients. What you want is to find a good health professional as quickly as possible.

Some website believe in patients’ public reviews. We don’t. Reviews can easily be manipulated.

That is why we have implemented a unique process to select health professionals as rigorously as possible, by checking their academic credentials and reputation, actually reproducing the word of mouth selection process that happens in real life. Check out below and see by yourself.

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Checking health professionals credentials

Our unique method

We check the credentials, registration and diplomas of each of the health professionals who subscribes to the platform.
However, we let them write their own biography and special interests so that the patient can get a better feel of how the practioner sees his contribution in his field.

Verifying health professionals location and practice

Our unique method

We send a nominative unique identifier code to the health professional's practice before registering the practioner's location.

We have also met 90% of our health professionals in person.

Reproducing word of mouth

Our unique method

We select our health professionals by word of mouth.

Every practioner on our platform has been recommended by patients and other health professionals in our network.

Ranking by availability not by profitability

Our unique method

We rank health professionals by availability because the patient is looking for the next available appointment not for the practioner who pays the most!

Improving our selection every day

We do our best to inform patients but we know it cannot be perfect. Please help by recommending a health professional you love.

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We do our best to inform patients but we know it cannot be perfect. Please help.

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