Dr Shyamsunder Kolvekar, cardio-thoracic surgeon at the Wellington Hospital is now on MeditSimple

Mr Shyam Kolveker is Senior Surgeon at the Barts  Heart Centre. He is experienced in beating heart surgery, mitral valve repair and surgery for atrial fibrillation. He is an experienced thoracic surgeon with special interest in video assisted surgery for … Read More

Dealing with our child’s first illness…

We seemed to wait longer than most for our daughter to get her first real illness. Two doctors (my wife and I) – we figured we’d be fine, but we somewhat underestimated things.

At about 5 months old she picked … Read More

How can you support a child of expat parents? Pay attention to their particular challenges and difficulties.

According to Lia Younes, London-based child psychotherapist, living in a world of cross-cultural transitions and high mobility plays a large role in shaping a child’s life. There are two most common and significant challenges faced by the expat child: unresolved … Read More

How can you spot a melanoma ?

Melanoma has a variety of clinical presentations with different histological features.

This is important to recognise it:

  • The most common form is the superficial spreading melanoma (SSM) which in its early stages will be a flat lesion often originating from
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