The weight of lockdown

Eating during lockdown can become quite complicated. The impact of this unusual and unhealthy situation on our eating habits and on our weight is significant.

Francine Joyce, a dietician and a nutritionist in London, explains to us how to cope … Read More

Dealing with our child’s first illness…

We seemed to wait longer than most for our daughter to get her first real illness. Two doctors (my wife and I) – we figured we’d be fine, but we somewhat underestimated things.

At about 5 months old she picked … Read More

How to develop self compassion ?

Read in SuperBetter today, the book who teaches you the game which gives you 10 extra years of life by making you more emotionally, physically, mentally and socially resilient. Therefore, happier and stronger. Check out her TED talk, it’s Read More

When and why does a child have to visit the dentist?


I can be necessary to see the dentist if the permanent teeth are slow to appear (more than 2 years). But Ideally, the child need to see the dentist around 4 years old. But the sooner the child see … Read More