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The Centre of Excellence for Women and Children

10 practitioners - 13 specialties - More information
The Centre of Excellence for Women and Children brings together the most recognised health professionals in the field of maternity care, neonatal medicine and children's health.
Care team members
Discover the practitioners in this team and explore their profiles to learn more about their areas of expertise.
Dr Sophie Batut
Dr Zoé Bellamy
General practice
Medical gynaecology
Children and teenagers' development
Ms Élodie Bridelance
Children and teenagers' development
Dr Chantal Dewast-Gagneraud
Medical gynaecology
Dr Karolina Gholam
Ms Francine Joyce
Nutritional Therapist
Medical aesthetics
Dr Virginie Meau Petit
Dr Caroline Pontvert
General psychiatry
Perinatal psychiatry
Mrs Marie Ruffier Bourdet
Occupational medicine
Dr Shadi Shahnavaz
Children and teenagers' development
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