Happier patients and health professionals in three simple steps

Find new patients

Follow them up

Build loyalty


Every practice or hospital on MeditSimple has its own dedicated on-line page to improve visibility on all main search engines.

You can display general and relevant information about your practice, publish some news, show your location on a map, list your team of doctors at the practice including their special interests and much more.

You can offer free online booking to your patients within your own dedicated page on our website and embedded in your own website with your own logo.

Give your patients excellent follow-up and coordinate their care

Give your patients outstanding follow-up through our patient portal and share results, lab tests, prescriptions and reports with just a few clicks. Chat with them or hold a short, encrypted video conference to monitor them remotely when a physical exam is not required.

Allow your practitioners to electronically refer patients to other colleagues and coordinate their journey within your practice. Enable coordinated care around a patient using new technologies in a safe and secure environment.

Reduce the admin workload by 30% and build loyalty

Through our portal, patients can access their personal account, manage their appointments, fill in their admin form or share medical documents with your practitioners online. Reduce the admin workload and focus on patients.

Improve your patient's satisfaction by offering new services and help them manage their health. Build loyalty among patients.

MeditSimple allows agendas, waiting lists, and medical records to be shared among practitioners, administrative staff, and patients and takes care of all repetitive tasks to reduce the administrative workload by 30% to 50%. You can now focus on your patients!

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