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MeditSimple: The one-stop platform for health professionals!
Fill up your diary and reduce cancellations by 85%

Offer online booking to your patients within your own dedicated page on MeditSimple and/or your website.

Get your own customisable webpage, find patients online and fill the gaps in your agenda with new appointments, video/chats or phone calls with patients already waiting in your automated waiting list. Instantly identify the patients most in need of an urgent appointment.

Reduce your cancellations by 85%, fill the gaps in your agenda and boost your income.

Alleviate your admin burden and save 25% of your admin and consultation time

We allow the patient to fill out their administrative details themselves when making appointments to save you time.

You can manage your diary wherever you are, we take care of all patient confirmations and reminders so that patients do not forget their appointments.

You can view, feed and share patients' electronic records in just a few clicks, without changing your current practice management software.

NETWORK WITH OTHER HEALTH professionals and collaborate

Refer a patient and share relevant medical documents with other health professionals on the platform or in your own network or practice.

Get referrals and collaborate on a patient's case, by chatting or video-conferencing with other health professionals.

Synchronize your patient records with MeditSimple to coordinate the journey of your patients and track their case remotely. Your patients' data is safe and in compliance with the new GDPR regulation.

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